With CompUSnet dialup, you get:

  • unlimited 56K access
  • nationwide access
  • unlimited email accounts, unlimited box size 
  • CompUSnet CD
  • Webmail
  • 50MB of personal web space, with a virtual domain yourname.compusnet.com
  • 24Hr tech support

Plus a host of unique additional services such as:

  • Personal organizer
  • Personal online phonebook
  • Personal stock portfolio management
  • NO FEE listing at our auction site: www.uvend.com
  • Hundred of ready links

You also get high-quality, reliable dial-up connections to the Internet. All of our connections are 56k V.90 and 64/128k ISDN. 

With local access numbers in over 2500 cities across the United States and Canada, and international access numbers in over 50 countries, we can get you connected where you need to.

Fast, reliable, affordable - that is the CompUSnet way!



GoldeVista 6.0.3 makes it easier than ever to import Bookmarks or Favorites and save your email address book. Order the full install version for Windows 95/98/Me/XP/2000 to take advantage of all our software has to offer or download our premier connection software, right now for a fast connection turnaround.

Order GoldeVista 6.1.0 Free CD now

Download GoldeVista 6.0.3 connection software now for Network W
for our US network

Download GoldeVista 6.0.3 connection software now for Network I  
for our International Network

CompUSnet SpeeDial Downloads

SpeeDial Propel PC Software

SpeeDial Slipstream Subscriber Client PC Software

SpeeDial Slipstream Subscriber Client Apple Software

SpeeDial GoldeVista 6.0.3 - Dialup Connection

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Download an anti Spam Software

Download a Pop up Stopper Software



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