CompUSnet now offers residential DSL at a very competitive rate. Our residential DSL is a Static IP service and as such it is a high end product that will fit well within your home as well as your work requirements.

No comparison between our DSL grade and a cable internet access.

Cable is dynamic IP and most of all the cable upload speed is similar or less than a modem speed. That is, you are paying big money for one way street type of connection. Furthermore, cable is very insecure and your machine becomes an easy target for hackers.

Furthermore, our DSL is priced so low, you can't miss this opportunity to jump on the speed wagon.


Product Code Speed (Down/Up) Monthly Fee
HOME-768 768Kbps-128Kbps $54.95
HOME-768D (with unlimited dialup access) 768Kbps-128Kbps $65.90
HOME-1500 1.5Mbps-128Kbps $59.95
HOME-1500 (with unlimited dialup access) 1.5Mbps-128Kbps $70.90
HOME-1504 1.5Mbps-384Kbps $66.95
HOME-1504 (with unlimited dialup access) 1.5Mbps-384Kbps $77.90


Initial non-recurring setup fees:

Home Service Install:                    $99 

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